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Founded in 2011, Beijing KDS Datacenter Solution Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as KDS) is located in the Beihang University Science and Technology Park and has a registered capital of RMB 11 million. KDS, a national hi-tech enterprise, owns more than ten intellectual property rights in PB-level optical storage robot in big data field, and is a pioneer and leader in the construction of global new-generation magnetic and electro-optical data center.
KDS was officially admitted into the International Association of Disc Archives in 2015, and co-prepared international standards for archiving of discs with internationally-leading enterprises like Samsung General Chemicals and Titan Electro-Optics. In China, KDS also cooperated with the State Information Center in the preparation of national standards for archiving of discs. KDS has not only established close cooperative relationship with senior experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also with famous universities and research institutions like Beihang University.
Armed with wisdom and international vision, KDS is committed to providing world-leading and visionary data storage solutions for our users at home and abroad. KDS's integrative and innovative magnetic and electro-optical architecture-based products have ushered in a new era in the application of global storage technologies and products.

Product Center


KDS is committed to building world-leading integrative and innovative magnetic and electro-optical architecture-based products. At present, KDS has two series of products: Lanjing single cabinet series and Lanlifang container series, which adopt a modular and removable design concept, making it more convenient for overall transfer and privacy of big data. Bearing in mind a more secure, intelligent, environment-friendly and cost-effective concept, KDS products are designed to suit enterprise application and management, promote the development of enterprise and user applications and the progress in society and world civilization!

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Core Competencies

🔒 Secure and Reliable

These products are made of anti-aging polycarbonate materials applied in blu-ray discs, adopt fine production processes, which allow the discs to support 100,000 readings, are protected with super hard coating to prevent discs from scratching and enable readings of frequently used, scratched and smeared discs; discs' tamper-proofing feature makes it impossible for hackers to re-write recorded data; each disc is stacked separately in the architecture, without subjecting to ambient influences from other discs and hardware, and the discs' service life is up to 200 years.

🍂 Environment-friendly and Energy-saving

The products' single cabinet capacity is 1.2PB, supports storage of single disc ranging from 25G, 50G, 100G, to 200G. Data room equipped with magnetic and electro-optical products have a PUE value of 1.12. For example, for 10 year storage of 10PB data, the deployment costs, power consumption and carbon emissions of magnetic and electro-optical products account for 1/3, 1/4 and 1/5 respectively of those of traditional magnetic data centers.

Intelligent Integration

These products adopt distributive horizontal expansion, their front end adopts 10GE to provide object, block and file services, and their back end adopts 40G Infiniband interconnection. Cold, warm and hot data are managed through intelligent layered trays and defined as required, and layered data are integrated and stored. Their intelligent integration feature is designed to improve system operation efficiency, achieve quick response and perfect experience.

🚀 Electro-optical Integration

The product comprises professional BDR blu-ray disc library, SSD group, X86 architecture-based dual core high-performance server, all-aluminum disc grasping robot and pluggable drive. By integration of electro-optical storage through highly efficient file management system, and by fully leveraging the advantages of electro-optical storage, these products have been stripped of the defects in traditional storage technologies, have served as an addition to storage solutions and have helped upgrade the storage industry.

Ten Highlights

Trends of datacenters: high density, high performance

Trends of high density

Data centers are experiencing unprecedented growth. Compute server density designs has also been greatly improved. Smaller, faster, more powerful blade servers and network switches and other electronic devices are used in smaller and smaller spaces. Computing ability of chip processor is lifted, while the storage density of data center room rapidly increases. The credible and mobile data center container of KDS is the featured product to meet the high-density development trends emerged.

Energy efficiency requirements

With the rapid growth of server storage and storage system installed capacity,energy consumption in data centers is also growing rapidly.In the United States,three years of net energy cost is equivalent to equipment costs.An IDC survey showed that,on a global scale data center energy consumption over the next 10 years,overall growth rate will be 50.6 percent.KDS`s credible and removable container data center(10PB middleweight) PUE value is only 1.10,only one-fifth the carbon emissions of traditional data center.